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Having trouble with a seller

I’ve placed my order which had unlimited reviews. So far I have requested 1 which has not been delivered, nor has the seller done the total order. My order was placed on 23 March and was due on 23 March, the seller has not responded to my correspondence. Is it unreasonable for me to open a dispute as I have not received all of the files which I paid for nor are they to my satisfaction.

Yeah, I’d say so. Especially if the seller is not responding or communicating. Has the deadline been reached? If not, he still technically has time to deliver. If the 23rd was the deadline, then he is well past it.

Yes 23rd. Funny, she has just contacted me.

You’re very patient! I see she just contacted you - may be she saw your post.

In normal circumstances I’d say that if a seller doesn’t communicate with you within 24 hours it’s perfectly reasonable to open a dispute and cancel, or move on if you haven’t got to the order stage. Even if you’re not in a hurry, it should be a red flag about a seller if they’re not communicating and I would expect other services to be poor.

Thank you, I’m a new user so this is helpful information.

You’re welcome. It’s not the most intuitive site for buyers. Good luck with your purchases.

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I always try to give someone the benefit of doubt… maybe a crisis came up in their life etc. That’s not an excuse to give poor service but it also means the seller might not be a bad seller. If your order is late you should open a dispute either asking for another deadline or to cancel the order. If the seller is overwhelmed the order might be best cancelled. As a seller - I often get notes from people before they order and I have come to realize they just want to see if I’ll respond to them before they place an order. Food for thought.