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I wanted to bring up an issue I had into light,

I have multiple Fiverr accounts and I was wondering what are the steps I can take to comply by the TOS of Fiverr and not use two seller accounts on my computer device and not get banned for having multiple accounts as a seller.

Could you kindly give me a step by step guide on what to do if i have multiple accounts on fiverr as a seller.

Such as, should I deactivate and permanently delete the accounts and by doing so, would be enough? or should i take additional steps which might be deemed necessary so that my main account does not get banned.

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You should only have one account. Fiverr allows you to create 7 gigs in the beginning. So, take advantage of that with just one account. You should deactivate the other account.


If I were you I would deactivate one before Fiverr deactivates both. It’s against the terms of services on Fiverr to have more than one account.


You are right. @roykeiko you should delete your other accounts.

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And would just deleting the other account would be enough?

And by doing so will that be enough? like just deleting the other account would be enough for me and i wont get banned? or should I contact CS for that?

Probably if you contact CS, they will know you violated ToS and probably ban you altogether. Just delete your other account already as soon as possible.


The longer you keep having more than one account, the bigger the chance that all of your accounts will be permanently banned (as well as any new accounts you make in the future).

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