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Having your own website with the same name as Fiverr account

Hi guys, I sell graphic design services here on Fiverr. Now, I want to make my own website where I can post my graphic design work and possibly take orders there too however, I am not going to share link of that website with any client or potential client here on Fiverr. The website will have the same name as my Fiverr account but no traffic will go from Fiverr to the website.

Will that violate any TOS of Fiverr? Is that a risk I should take since Fiverr is my main source of orders and I don’t want to risk that.

Thanks in advance.


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No, you cannot. Please do not offer false advice.


I agree. Even I know that is AGAINST the TOS for sure. My question was totally different.

@bmsurujuddin I appreciate your response but that is not what I am asking. Having your website in your profile is fine as long as there are no contact form or emails or phone numbers on your website. I intend to get orders on my website that’s why I cannot post it anywhere on Fiverr or share the link with clients.

What I am trying to ask is that even if I do not share any link on Fiverr, can I still get into trouble with Fiverr?

Yes you can.

I have seen a current top rated seller who have the same web address like his/her user name on Fiverr

But on the Fiverr GIG they do not have the site address and on the site they do not have the Fiverr address.

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You have your personal website that’s fine, other people have their personal website too. But the problem is when you include your website link in your profile might cause you trouble with fiverr, but if you don’t share the link on fiverr you’re surely safe.
So it’s better not to talk about anything related to your personal website either in your profile description, gig descriptions or maybe in your inbox.

Yeah @priyasumit786. You’re right, I’ve seen something like that in one of fiverr’s top rated seller on their GIG descriptions stated that.
■■■■■ consultant for better explanation of buyer’s project.
Zoom consultation and other platforms.
But it seems to fine with them. There was a time I declined buyer’s request for calling him via ZOOM I told him that it’s against the TOS, because I don’t want to an example.

Thank you @sirleewho and @priyasumit786 for the detailed explanation. I am now going forward with domain name registrations with the same website name. Wish me luck :slight_smile:


All the best @tcubesstudio

If you want to, you can offer samples there, and then redirect to Fiverr. If you want your clients to pay you throught your website, then you are violating the TOS, and your account will get banned. You can probably guess why.

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Are you saying you can’t have a website with the same name you use on fiverr?

My understanding is that you can as long as you don’t have the same gigs as on fiverr.

I have my own website showcased all my work. Whenever Buyer ask for sample. I send the website link.

I don’t think it will create any problem. But you should take permission from the buyer that you want to showcase his/her work. My niche is website . So it’s public. But graphics design may not.

N.B- I showcased my work in my website only. Contact or personal details or payment gateway are not there.

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It depends on if you have your work you show clients on one of the approved sites or not.

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You are not allowed to tell your clients to make a payment outside of Fiverr.

I didn’t say that. I said you can have your own website.

Yeah, I’m sorry, I guess I didn’t understood correctly.

@virustomo I intend to have contact form and payment gateway on my website because I want to bring traffic to it via facebook and google Ads BUT I will NOT share the website link with anyone on Fiverr to get order on my website.

My fiverr orders will be separate but orders on my own website will come from google ads.

Will that be okay?

You can promote your gig in your website and any social media to bring traffics from website to fiverr.