Hay Now I Am New Because My Old Fiverr account Is Suspended


Give me some tips How to Sell faster my new gig ??


If your old account is suspended, and you created another one, Fiverr is likely to ban you for two accounts. Or did you mean banned?


No problem bro I know how to create new one. Because my banned Account Cant come back So Windows Use And Make New. You See everything is ok


As far as I remember, once your account is suspended or banned, you’re out of the game, you can’t come back. And even if you manage to bypass Fiverr’s security checks and manage to create a second account, they will suspend you account again.

This isn’t like a video game where you can restart.


May be his new account is also blocked!


So!! he just say suspended!
so it can be reopened after 1 month or 3 month
you just need to wait. you don’t have to create a new account
it will cause a conflict


Actually, suspended can mean “permanent suspension”:

To prevent fraud and abuse, users are limited to one active account.

Note: any violations to Fiverr’s Terms of Service is cause for permanent suspension of all accounts.

As far as I see from the ToS, by “suspended” Fiverr is mostly referring to permanently suspended with no way of coming back.


Use buyer request every day.


So What Can I do Please Tell Me?


No No I am Here :grinning:


Instead of immediately creating a new account, you should have asked Customer Support why your old account was suspended, and then find out if you can restore that account, and if not then you would have asked them for a solution.

So the only thing you could do is try asking for help to Customer Support.


I hope 3 month Wait Its Not Possible


sent buyer request daily :slight_smile:


Thanks Bro :ok_hand:


Yap Try But No Respond


actually Woofy31 No.
I just reopened my first account and withdraw my funds
but since my 2nd account was very popular i delelted my first account
so that it will not conflict on my 2nd account
No that is not true…

the cause of suspended is because i didn’t add my mobile number…

that’s it


Well, the OP never said anything about suspension due to mobile verification. I assumed it was suspended due to violating some rule from the ToS, which is usually the case :wink:

That’s why I asked him to contact Customer Support.


I waited 1 month to reopen my 1st account then that’s it… they email the my account is okay and can be open just need to update and add my mobile number which is now a security requirement
it has levels of violatiion
it depends on the violation


Speaking of fiverr TOS
no not the fiverr are strick actually the “ZENDISK” plugin , when you violated it automatically activated the plugin and block and removed the account.
all fiverr support could do is to lookup your account and why it is block or removed. and they email you why


Tips for @jesse_js:
As you stated, you had an old account.
Do what you did on that account to get orders. :wink:

I opened an account, but next morning, I did not like the username, so opened a ticket to CS as “I am closing this account to change username.” Then, I chose “changing username” before the closing. I am good! :blush: