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HD Video Extra


I’ve contacted fiverr support and tried to explain my question several times, but they do not seem to understand my question.

Lets see if you guys can understand and probably answer my question.

When I have this option enabled and I deliver, without the buyer purchasing it in the first place, he gets a down scaled version of the video with an option to instantly upgrade to HD.

I need to know what is the resolution, format and bitrate of the down scaled video.

Thank you.

that’s not at all how it works.

you need to deliver in the format you advertise, as per usual, and if the buyer adds that gig extra after you delivered, THEN you need to deliver the FULL HD file.

Fiverr does not do anything to the file you deliver. So if you deliver FULL HD files, the buyer will get the FULL HD video without having to upgrade.

hope that helps. :slight_smile:

I see… i misunderstood.

Thank you very much.

And do not send any videos until AFTER the buyer pays you.