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He didn't come in the end

It was 22:45 Beijing time. He didn’t come to see me. Well, it seems that I haven’t done enough. I really hope you can tell me where I can’t, and I’ll gladly accept your suggestion. I also hope you can give me some suggestions. This is my link( Thank you for your help.


Hi @iamliao

I really think you should take down that gig and make a new one offering the same but changing your URL. Do it now as that gig has no sales.

This is the reason I’m telling you to do that. Your URL says “do my best to translate”. Take that off !!! Buyers don’t expect for you to probably do your best but to do it !!

Be affirmative and clear when creating you first title as that will be your gig’s URL forever. It doesn’t matter how many times you modify your gig title after creating it. Once it’s created, the URL will remain.


Who is this person you’re talking about? :thinking: I am so confused. :confused:


Thank you. Really, thank you for your sincere advice. I will correct it. I believe with your help, I will succeed.


He would have been my first customer.

Some want you to try your best.

And I think your gig title speaks for you not your URL.
You might try to change as she said if you find it appropriate

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Can you tell me what is the URL?

Can you tell me where is the "do my best to translate"I do not find it.:joy:

Hi @iamliao

URL is the address created by Fiverr with the first title you give to a gig. It remains through that gig’s life, it can’t be chance and it won’t change no matter how many times you modify that gig’s title. It’s unique to each gig.

Here, take a look: Although you manually changed your gig title to say " I Will Translate English Into Chinese Exactly", that gig URL remains as how it first was created

This URL is the same address you posted in your first comment, I just highlighted “do-my-best-to” for you to see what I mean.

When creating your new gig don’t put that and it will be fine.


Thank you for your answer. It’s very helpful to me. Thank you.

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Sounds like a chapter in a bad romance novel, and the title just adds more to it. :stuck_out_tongue:

If i ever needed someone to translate one language into another, i expect the person to be fluent in both languages.


I can really use English and Chinese fluently. Maybe it’s the question I expressed.
Thank you for your reminder.

I’m not trying to let you down or anything, but I honestly don’t think that you can “use” English properly. How about you study it more and even practice more, then you will definitely make more money and He will come in the end. Whoever he is.

I read your posts twice if not more trying to make sense out of them.

This! :point_up:

I ,I ,sorry