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He doesn't know how to write a feedback?

It’s not allowed to ask buyers for a feedback, but what should you do if they write you a feedback in private chat, instead of the feedback section?
I am pretty sure he doesn’t know how to do it, because he is a new user on fiverr.
Many times I have to even explain them revisions, how to mark an order as completed etc…

There are so many forum topics regarding feedback/review/rating to read …however the reasonable outcome of all them is just leave it. No way to try to contact Buyer regarding feedback (new, old, does not matter).

Moreover, it seems the private feedback is more valuable for ranking than the public one nowadays.

Yes, revisions, order processing issues etc need to be explained to new Buyers sometimes. But forget about feedback. Period.


I have multiple reviews left as comments to the delivery, thus being invisible to anyone but myself. You do nothing in this case.

If I’m not mistaken (I might be), asking the buyer to mark the order as complete is frowned upon and you shouldn’t do that either. Explaining how to do it if they asked you first is fine.


No, they are the one that ask me when should they mark the order as completed and how.

I know they’re asking you, but honestly you have to be so careful. I would just tell them not to worry and thanks for their business.

Agreed, this is a risky point. Could be intrepreted as manipulation.

Please listen to the advice of everyone so far in this thread.

Do not ask the client to leave formal feedback or even mention the word.

While it might be annoying that you’ve not received public feedback, you potentially could receive an account warning if you try to sort this.

Thank you. I totally agree with you!