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He/she promised 200 likes but only I got 14 likes

I contacted with the seller but he didn’t respond. What do I need to do next?

Stop buying fake likes. Problem solved.

@Cheezees, you have no right or what so ever to tell her ( vivainec) to stop buying fake likes, if those likes are fake, than fiverr should not allow them on their platform, the moment you said is fake, than it means fiverr in supporting fake/illegal gigs or business. Business is supposed to be about trust and honesty. If you have something to say to her question just say but dont tell her to stop buying fake likes.

Am really astonished fiverr is not saying anything to you about this…

Allow me to jump in here a bit bigstylish,

Actually, if you read through the forum we see tons of people complaining about

buying a “like” gig and then saying that they didn’t get what they paid for.

I never bought like gigs and to be honest I’m not even sure how it works,

but after seeing so many threads and comments ,

I quickly realized that these fake like gigs exist here a LOT.

I’m sure some of them are real likes, but a good number of them are fakes, and a good

number of people have commented that they are actually surprised to see that some

people get fooled frequently when it comes to this particular gig.

To be honest I’m not sure how you can tell if the likes are real or not, but at least I can tell

for sure that the fake one exists here at Fiverr.

If you go to the ranting pot, you’ll find a lot of people complaining.

In many cases, people reply to those rants saying "Why did you get

fooled, it was obviously a fake one."

I strongly believe that overall Fiverr is a great place, but there are SO many gigs

out there that are fake. When I say fake, it’s not just fake likes,

but gigs that copy other sellers’ gig,

or stealing other people’s images and videos.

I myself have had the experience of my gig being stolen/copied several times.

Of course I reported to Fiverr right away, but the fake ones keep coming.

Since there are more than 3 million gigs here at Fiverr, I guess it is hard for the Fiverr staff

to keep track of every gig that gets created.

>Business is supposed to be about trust and honesty.

I strongly agree with you, but not all the gigs that are being sold here at Fiverr ( or any

other sites I guess) are honest and true. :frowning:

I am guessing that unfortunately, vivanec bought the wrong gig.

I hope she finds another honest seller, there’s got to be a gig out there

that actually does give real likes.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

vivianaec said: What do I need to do next?

Contact the Seller.

Reply to @bigstylish: Fiverr has said something. They said buying fake likes is against their terms of service as well as against facebook’s terms of service. When Fiverr finds these gigs, they “deny” them or ban the seller. With millions of gigs it is hard to keep track of all of them. That is why I was told by Fiverr to report these gigs. So it is very much within my right to point this out. If you think I should be “punished” in some way for saying not to purchase these services, risking your account on Fiverr and your integrity on Facebook, DREAM ON.

Put the seller in your “stay away” list and never go back there.