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He tells me I'm a hacker!

Both are similar pictures of Gig and both are located in two countries. So I gave a message to confirm. Now She tells me I’m a hacker!! :rage: :angry: He says he will report my profile. :fearful: :fearful: :fearful: Will there be a problem with my profile if I report? :grimacing: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
What can I do now?


Do you realize that “to knock someone out” means hitting them on the head so hard that they lose consciousness?

Also, your post doesn’t provide any proof of two similar gigs from different countries. It’s just a screenshot of a single gig preview and a confused person who probably doesn’t understand why are you threatening to kick them.

PS Also, yes, you’re both spamming and threatening the person. Which would be a ToS violation on your part.


I don’t think I understood you properly. I’m sorry about that… :cry: :sob:
None of this is my job, I see 2 gigs on the same page in Fiverr and 2 are sellers from different countries. But Gig’s main picture is the same. For this, I first knock him before reporting to Gig to let him know if you know the matter. But he threatens me the other way around and says someone else copied her image.

But my question is if he reports to profile, then whether it will be bad for me. :cry:

You can get a warning for spam, yes. Because it’s not your job to police other sellers by rolling in all high and mighty and give them a last chance to change their ways OR ELSE.

If you see a gig that potentially violates ToS, you either flag it or contact CS about it. That’s what you do.


Then why don’t you think that the seller who’s profile is newer just copied an image from level2 seller?

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Because he was doing a “competition research” and was completely scandalized by this (probably) popular level 2 seller’s evil ways. Sigh.

I love “competition research” posts, they’re my absolute favourite.


The owner of another gig is a level 1 seller.

Exactly, why do you think level 2 seller stole a picture from level 1 and not the other way around?
Why do you think more experienced seller will steal from a new seller?

I think he is trying to inform level 2 seller that some other seller with level one have exactly same gig that she has !
@designer_rahmat you said KNOCK OUT that interpret you differently…we are not native English speaker so try not to talk like them and check your phrase meaning before sending to any one !


Wondering why some sellers suddenly started using the terms like “knocked out” or “knocked me”?. If English is not your first language, at least google the meaning of words you are using.

Could be a literal translation of a local expression. We say “knock me” in Russian as well, it means “message me”. “Knock on my door”, so to speak.


What did you have on your cornflakes this morning? Stalker milk?

Why are you harassing other sellers?

Every single time people come to the forum making threads like yours, they turn out to be rubbish detectives hell bent on trying to get other people in trouble for no reason.

Take a tea break and find something better to do with your life than threaten to knock out random people for no reason.


Thank you so much, brother :heart_eyes: :blush:

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So why don’t you check which one has most favorite on that gig… because i think new gig has little amount of favorite but old gig achieved more favorite.

Half of logo gigs fall under this description.

If you wanted to do something you could do Google image search and see is the image outside Fiverr. And even then, you should file report to CS, never contact seller.

And she is right to call you out. You should have not send her anything.

He/she will do that so be ready.

So you are saying you did not report this to CS?

Nothing. Wait and hope it goes away and lear lesson from this.

If you notice that someone is using an image that is not his/hers to represent skills that are key points for the service, you could report this.

But it all depends on the service.

You have GIGs that use lenasemenkova drawings as thumbnails, but they purchased them from her, and they do not sell graphic design so it is OK:

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Thank you for your amazing reply !! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :gift_heart: :gift_heart: