Head is spinning from Social Media


Hello all,

I was wondering when you are building your Social Networks do you focus on one first to build it?

I have a couple : twitter, facebook, pinterest and of course the fiverr forum. (if that last one may be seen as one :slight_smile: )

I find my head spinning a bit. I was thinking maybe i should focus on building one first.

What are your thoughts on this?


I focused on Twitter, just now started pinterest and Facebook.

Reason I focused on Twitter is that it can be easier to utilize the hashtags to promote your gig or find stuff. Easier to promote to a larger audience. I’m learning the ins and outs of Pinterest though.


Ah yes,

I was thinking that I should focus on Twitter first! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip abelg99


No problem. Its just what I focused on first. Just make sure your twitter profile is public and use those trending topics to get your gigs to a larger audience. You’ll find yourself being followed by some people that you may later recognize as buyers :slight_smile:


Fantastic!! Sounds good :slight_smile:


Reply to @psychicrainbow: I join different social sites & add my link to my page on those. I do include other info about myself as well. I don’t want people thinking I’m only using it to promote myself. I probably won’t visit those places as often, for general interacting, as I do with FB. They’ll mostly be for, hopefully, getting clients.


Reply to @abelg99: I was curious how you were able to get your link on Twitter. I tried tweeting it & even putting it in my profile & Twitter keeps claiming it was malware, etc.


I use multiple apps to tweet. So when I tweet my giggs it shortens the URL . You can use many URL shrinking services to do that


twitter is the best solution to promote a gig.

but be careful as twitter may block some links with Fiverr. so try to use a link shrinking services and avoid the Fiverr hashtag


i have noticed that theres a share button on your gigs page for twitter. That helped for me ! :slight_smile:


Reply to @abelg99: Nice advice esp with the trending topic. Are you saying you just tweet something with that hashtag?

Reply to @psychicrainbow: I find my head spinning with all this social network also, it’s just too much to keep up with. I actually messaged a few gigs about trying to get it all organized and set up. I’m mentally worn out with how many there are.



Hope everyone is well! I use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ as my main four social networks. I don’t really have a blog for the site, but have a sister site/blog that I also maintain with just Facebook and Twitter profiles.

I have my Facebook automatically posting to Twitter. So when I post a review, I post it to Facebook, I include #Hashtags and @Mentions because I know if goes directly there (Facebook are also introducing #Hashtagging - I’ve heard). I then manually upload to Pinterest and just paste the URL as I did in Facebook onto Google+.

Sounds like a lot, but doesn’t take me a really long time to do it. Getting the review online in the first instance does take longer. I feel Twitter gives more of a response when #ing and @ing than Facebook and find myself using Twitter more these days to promote my Gig.

When setting up multiple accounts, try to make sure you’re using the same colours, logo, theme for your business, the correct terms escapes me right now.

With Facebook being linked, I have to bare in mind what I’m posting there as it goes directly to my Twitter account.

So, to answer your question: I focus on branding and keeping your branding, imagery, and logo first and then I focus on how they’re all going to be connected and how I’m going to utalise each and every one of their features.

When I post to Facebook, I link to the artists Facebook page as well as including their @Twitter name so it all falls into place and fans can get where they need to go.

Hope I haven’t said too much, aaah :slight_smile:

Good luck and Best Wishes,




Reply to @newopp:

Yes. For example there is a current trending topic #threewordstoliveby

You can put: #ThreewordstoLiveBy - Save With Fiverr! Check out this gig: LINK to your gig - brief explanation of gig


Reply to @abelg99: Aaahh Awesome tip. Thanks for that.

Reply to @indiemunity: Great tips, thank you.


Reply to @abelg99: Thanks for the reminder. I’ve used them a few times in the past, but, hadn’t thought of it this time.


Thanks so much for all these awesome tips guys.

Like i said i feel like i need to focus on building one first :slight_smile:

I have a good feeling about this!

And i am so very excited yey yey!

I have almost reached level 1, just two more orders to go !


Congratulations! Hope you make it soon!


me too abelg! :slight_smile:


Twitter hasn’t been very Fiverr-friendly lately. It is such a bummer because I can’t promote other sellers when they order my gigs. Instagram has been a huge driving force for my job in real life compared to other forms of social media right now.


ahh that is too bad adnagam :frowning:

I would have loved to return that favor to people as well.