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Head Up - $200 offer SCAM


Hopefully no one would talk with this person anyway since this would be a severe ToS violation, but to avoid any risks I thought I’d mention it. There is a user who has been creating multiple accounts (so far starting with the letter G) and writing something along these lines:

I’m a top skilled web developer, and working on upwrok.
At the moment, I can’t control my work with only my account.
So I need another account for my work.
If you allow me to create and use your upwrok account, I’ll give you $200 monthly.
This is our first long-term contract.
If my business are growing, I can give you more peyment.

Be sure to just write “report” or something similar and click the report button if you hear from anyone who ever offers you money in a way that sounds suspicious. Even if they say it is through Fiverr, they would scam you. If anyone else does hear from this user, please do not post the username here, just click report and flag the account.

A buyer asked for mockups, but didn't place the order
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