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Heads up before offering your services


I just wanted to give not only females but male sellers a big heads up before taking on a sale, or offering your services during a buyer request… be careful. I’ve been asked to do some very questionable (seemingly innocent) things, that I know were geared toward pornographic sites (ie. holding a sign with the message ‘Click here’, creating a video with no script just you ‘looking cute’ and giggling)

Any girls been asked to have pour “green slime” or heads? Or create a video giggling on camera? Yeah, I’ve been offered that same gig, turned it down, and then seen other female users take the gig on. That video of you is probably on a adult site for profit (among other things) right now. Forever unable get it removed because you’ve given over legal rights.

What sparked me creating a thread about this was this buyer request just showed up on the old Fiverr side bar by a user stating a request for: "cover his face, hair, & ears w/peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, and choc syrup."

You may have seen it. You can copy and paste the username into Google, several adult sites will pop up with that same user name of men being you guessed it… this goes for the women “being slimmed” as well. Sometimes the user name is a complete red flag, sometimes not so much.

If someone contacts you for work, and it sounds like a strange request, Google their username. Even if their username looks innocent. More often than not, you’ll find that exact username on another site (good or bad) and if it’s someone who’s trying to request something and is a part of a adult site the adult site will show up.

If you do a search and nothing comes up, and you’ve talked with the buyer more but are still unsure about where it’s going or what it might be possibly be used for DON’T DO IT. You have zero legal rights to the video/photos once it’s in their hands. I meant to make this a long time ago when I seen other female users had accepted and created the “slim video” gig. I’m seeing this more and more happen sadly, people are coming to Fiver for adult content request, and almost all of us female have to put in every gig description ‘no adult content’ because it’s so bad here. However, buyers are trying to sneak around that and request “silly” or “cute” video/photos.

Just air on the side of caution, $5 isn’t worth you ending being the face of an adult internet site.

I was contacted for a really suspicious project



Reply to @est1990: That’s actually the perfect emoticon. Lol.


Reply to @kjblynx: You have a point, but I am more or less just trying to make users aware of something they might be unaware of what they’re being offered, or is being requested by buyers. It might look really innocent to someone (female or male) if a buyer contacts you asking you to make a video of something being poured on your head, or make a video of someone smashing a pie in your face. Ask questions before you commit, and do a username Google search. Better to be warned about this, than do something and never being able to get it back (even if at the time you thought it was something innocent). Not everyone is aware, or ever wants to be on those type of sites hence why I posted about a ‘warning’ about this for others to see and know.

Not to mention adult content is a violation of Fiverr’s terms, I would hate to see a users get in trouble because the buyer was requesting some not to good things, and they find you delivered some work to them. I’m not the Fiverr police, but it’s not worth the risk of connecting yourself to a person violating terms either.


You do bring up good points, but I have to say I have done the green slime video, and it goes on a YouTube channel where people slime themselves. I got paid a lot for it, and it doesn’t bother me. No biggie!


Reply to @alliemadison12: Make sure that YouTube channel isn’t just a front for “other” sites. People are smart enough to create a small back story to why they want something, convincing you otherwise why they are actually going to upload it somewhere else too.

Ie. The chocolate syrup one, yeah Google their name of the user it pulls up the YouTube channel of guys getting stuff dumped on them. Head back to google and you’ll see the users also is registered to adult ‘fetish’ sites for this type of work. If it don’t bother you, than no big deal but legally you don’t have any rights if that same person wants to profit from your slime video in the adult industry.


Reply to @bachas85: Wow, haven’t heard the barking like I dog one. Lol.


THIS THREAD IS A GOD-SENT! I logged on to Fiverr forum because someone just asked me to do a video with me reading a large newspaper, turning the pages etc. Soon he drops me message saying that ''wonder what outfit I’ll wear" and “can you smell the newspaper?” so I asked him where will this video go and he said it is only for him not for anyone else. It is private. So I am here to create a new thread for discussion and saw this! Advice please!


Reply to @thepromogirl: Do you really think I would have commented if I wasn’t 100% sure it’s fine? I did lots of research about it, and it’s an attempt to bring back a certain Nickelodeon show. No need to be paranoid.


Reply to @bachas85: ahaha!! Okay this is great. I was kind of unsure! LOL. I have the newspaper he is looking for but he can be a lil funny at times.




Reply to @bachas85 & @jasveena I got that guy too! But he wasn’t JUST asking me to flip some newspaper pages… Wth? My description clearly states: No adult, or inappropriate content/poses.


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Yikes! I haven’t really uploaded any gigs yet, but I was considering offering a language teaching gig over Skype. I quickly realized this could be a dangerous idea. Thanks for the warning. It’s really frustrating that, as a woman, there’s hardly a place on the internet where one isn’t going to face some form of sexual harassment.

I hope Fiverr starts looking into this. I have a hard time believing it’s legal to use a video of a person on an adult website (or any controversial website) without telling them and getting their explicit consent.


If your original gig description states that your video can’t be used on adult sites and you add a note restating that when you deliver the video you will have legal rights if it ends up on one. Will not be that easy to get it down but still.


Actually, if they are requesting what may seem to the novice “innocent videos” doing what anyone who has been involved in the adult business would know is a fetish, and they are placing those videos on an adult site, they DO have to have documentation of the person in the video regardless of their attire or lack thereof. If their site were to be investigated, they could be in some hot water. All adult sites have to comply with the 2257 Record Keeping laws. Now, this is in the US, so if it is a website outside of that jurisdiction, who knows, but, I agree, make sure you are not going to end up on some adult site IF that is NOT in your comfort zone. Some people have no qualms about porn or adult related stuff, but, many do. Also, it is against the TOS here. The thing is, when working with fetish sites or fetishes, a lot of them do NOT involve nudity or twiddling with oneself on cam or in pictures. If it feels “off”, just decline the request or sale.



peanut butter face is big youtube it


Hahah @ peanut butter face… X_X


I feel like anyone who has a serious problem with their content being used on certain websites just shouldn’t have a web presence whatsoever. Innocent facebook photos are taken and used inappropriately across the web all the time. It happens, and as long as your clothes are on and you’re not saying something of adult content, they look stupid for even having it on their site. Fiverr most certainly is not the place for people who are paranoid.


it probably doesn’t help that some people are actually marketing their gigs toward fetishes bringing even more of that type of buyer to the site…