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Heads Up Fiverr Sellers

So, I don’t know if guys are already aware of it or not, but I just thought to share it because I have experienced this second time.

When you get the buyer requests, you will see ‘remove request’ right in the front of each request. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT ever click it. You would be successful in removing that particular request from teh section though, but you will also not receive further buyer requests for a day or so.
Because I am a kind of person who loves experimenting, I did try that ‘remove request’ option and ended up not receiving any buyer request after that.

I do not if this will happen to everyone, but I just thought to help.

Have a good day!


Are you sure that is a real fact? I keep using the ‘Remove Request’ button anytime on request doesn’t fit my services. However, I keep getting available buyer requests.

Maybe one administrator can help us figure out how things work with the buyer request sections.

I also don’t think so, I also remove buyer request but still, I get request

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This happened to me, twice; I believe. When I did it sometimes back, I was not able to identify what kept the buyer requests form coming, but this time, I can vouch for it. I observed it, and THIS was the reason.

Probably because I am not an old user, that’s why I have to face this. Idk. I can be wrong as well. But, I experienced this in my case

I don’t receive buyer request

Clicking the “remove request” button simply removes that specific request.

If you’re a level 0 seller, you won’t get many requests generally.

The two have nothing to do with each other … other than being on the same screen.


I used the remove function when my account was 3 days old and it still showed me requests. I have gone days without seeing any though. I think level 0 sellers just don’t see a whole lot of them.

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I know but I did experience this. And, before doing that I was recieving a good amount of buyer request.

I was more attentive yesterday, in terms of buyer requests. I clicked the ‘Remove request’ button but Fiverr still showed me a decent amount of requests.

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I don’t know then why did it happen to me :frowning:

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I think it was a reasonable conclusion to reach based on your experiment, it just didn’t hold up to peer review. Honestly, kudos for being willing to put this hypothesis out there. Just be sure you get confirmation before presenting your results as fact. :slightly_smiling_face:

Clicked that countless times, still get max. 16-20 buyer requests at a time as a Lvl 0.

No one exactly how Fiverr Algorithm Actually works. One day I also did but it didn’t effect buyer request further.

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That’s why I didn’t present it as a fact and ‘think’ :smiley:

That’s amazing. I still think I will take extra care using this feature next time.

:thinking: As a precaution (I say this full intention of wanting to help): You may want to consider modifying your OP, then, because the tone is very much implying ‘fact’.

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