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Heads up! Late Gig - Because Someone Ordered an Extra

So… the other day, I had an alert that a regular client had ordered an extra - all good - except for that it was ordered on an order – that had been handed in on-time 2 days earlier, and now the order was appearing “late” with the red alert etc.

What had happened was rather than accepting delivery, he ordered an extra - and the extra was still technically part of the original order time frame.

Thank goodness he accepted an extension, because otherwise his ordering an extra would have effected my analytics in a bad way.

When I asked fiverr support about it while I waited for him to hopefully – accept the extension, they said there was nothing they could do about it.

Just a head’s up!


Wow! I am glad that has never happened to me before. That can be such a nightmare… especially if the buyer just orders the extra and goes awol (doesn’t respond to your messages). :scream: :flushed: :woozy_face:

This annoys me the most: Fiverr’s response saying they can’t do anything about it. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Well, how about you tweak the system such that at least CS reps (of all people) have more options available in case something like this happens?


Oh @socialhonor, sorry to hear this happened to you and at the same time glad everything came up good. :smiley:

So many issues - very messy issues BTW - affecting sellers that need to be fixed by Fiverr, but there are some users complaining because outdated requests show up on BR and it bothers them… :roll_eyes: :unamused:


Yup. I’ve had 3 late deliveries in my 4 years on the platform, all of them because of this. At first, I thought it was a bug, then I was in denial and decided to try a few more times, I guess.

I’ve assumed they’ve fixed it because I haven’t seen many people complaining but no.


Few days ago I got late order because of it. Buyer ordered extra after 2 days has passed and it was automatically late. I asked support and they told me that I delivered late (even I didn’t)


Yep, that does happen. And it doesn’t look like support is going to fix it. So when one of clients after the delivery mentioning that they want an extra logo, revision etc I’m just telling them that I’ll send a custom offer to avoid them adding an extra through the order and getting a late delivery just because of that.


Exactly! On one hand GREAT… more money!! Or the other hand - I’ll NEED more money if I get demoted, for too many lates… Catch-22…:thinking:

I ended up just jacking the price of the extra up, so we’ll see if that’s a deterant lol… I don’t want to completely remove the extra!


No, you’re right - it’s problematic because it’s outside of the original order/ yet connected… I actually was told that I need to hand my orders in on time to avoid this issue… and I was like… UMMM… it was handed in before it was due…

Oh yikes, super annoying… Nope… :no_mouth:

Yes! Thank goodness!! Phew!!:blush:

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