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Heads-up to all sellers!

Hey seller,

Did you know that anyone can simply refuse to mark an order as complete and ask for their money back?

Well this is a first to me. I have an order which was completed but the buyer refuses to mark it as complete and just requests to get his money back. And he has no good reason. He received what he asked for, he received additional work for free and more reviews then my gig offers. And in the end asks for money back.

So i do what anyone would do and i contact customer support. Guess what the response is? There is nothing they can do and i should just cancel the order.

So what stops me or anyone else now to just order work from people and then ask for money back by refusing to mark the order as complete?

You can refuse if you did the work as you said you would in your gig description. No one makes you cancel an order unless it wasn’t done as the description said.

Tell the buyer that since you did the order just as described you won’t give a refund.
It may be possible that you get a bad review if you do that so you have to decide which is the best thing to do.

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Right - look at the balance of the categories we’re evaluated on each month - and choose the one that will effect you the least.

Definitely my initial response is always refuse a cancellation if you did the work as described. Make it a hassle for the scamming buyer to get a refund by forcing them to contact CS.:expressionless:


This is just not ok in any way. I mean once it gets to customer support they should be able to decide something.

It really makes me just want to test and just outsource all my work on fiverr and then just ask for refunds by refusing to mark orders as complete…not going to do that but makes you wonder…

I remember a few years back when i was contacting customer support problems were solved so easy…now the customer support did not even read the project (maybe they did at some point after a few pointless replies)

I would not even mind to cancel the order and just get rid of the problem…but it’s just not normal.

It will become normal if we don’t stand up for ourselves and put our foot down. You did the work that was requested correct? Of course we can’t determine the quality of the work but that is up to the buyer to decide. If he doesn’t like the work you provided then their feelings should reflect in the review they leave you regardless if it is negative or positive.

In my opinion, giving additional work for free makes you look like a push over and the buyer may feel like they can take advantage of you because of it.


These guys are just a big joke right now…

Today at 02:40

Hi Alejandro,

So what you mean is that: no matter what happens if someone wants their money back on an order they will receive it?

Mia Today at 13:29

Hello again,

Keep in mind that when you don’t get paid, neither does Fiverr, and we would not like to see any order cancelled, however, we cannot force a buyer to accept the order.

Your comments will be noted.

Kind regards,

And they mark the ticket as resolved.

Fiverr isn’t quite transparent with you on this matter.

They do get to keep some money, all of them to be more precisely. First, they charge non-refundable fees when you purchase something & secondly, even if you cancel the order, the buyer cannot withdraw the money back to his credit card/paypal. So the money are staying in the system no matter what.

If you did your job don’t cancel the order. You don’t have anything to lose, just reject every time the client request to cancel. Hold your ground.


So just to make an update on this:

Here is the last reply from customer support:

Javier Tuesday at 01:37

Hello Bogdan,

The ticket was marked solved as there is nothing more we at customer support can do to assist you with this order. You and your buyer will need to work together to find a solution that you both can agree on.

So for a few days the buyer just kept trying to cancel the order and i denied it.

And guess what just happened today?


The order was cancelled by Fiverr Customer Support.
The order funds have been returned to the buyer.

BOOM! The same customer support cancels the order.

So yeah…from now on you can just order and then refuse to mark order as complete until customer support send you your money back.