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Health department and people co-operation

Here in kerala (India) our health department protects and take care of people who resulted +ve in corona , from the beginning our health department are 24×7 on duty . An ambulance driver to a superior doctor they are on duty .Also business class in kerala financially helps for reducing the patients bills .People who came from abroad co -operated with government and some numbers of incidents occurred but our health department and police department worked cooperatively to catch and break the chain . And we witnessed the main incident.
Calicut plain crash

It was almost 8 :00 pm,a plain coming from Dubai including covid-19 + ve passengers crashes at the landing area with a big sounds. Suddently all locals in the area gathered there just before the plain started to burn.They neve thought about their self they just worked selflessly to rescue the live’s,and they took every single man to the hospital. At the same time social media shared this information to relatives of the passengers to informing their situation.The most important thing was all these events took place in the heavy rain . Unfortunately we lost 20 life out of 190 including 1 pilot .May GOD treat them happy in heaven. But 170 survived with injuries coz the co- opration and sudden action by the villagers and government . So we could co -operate with our government and together we have to make a world with out mask and sanitizer in day-to-day life. A a good news our health minister Mrs. k.k Shailaja madam is the woman of the year 2020 in Vogue India this week . She deserves it. Coz her activities . And Now 1,298,558 people have died so far from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak as of November 13 . God please give them a peaceful space in heaven . In the future, as in the past, we hope to be able to travel freely with the wind touching our faces and the smiles on seeing the faces of others. Believe in hope live peacefully :slight_smile:.

(This is my first time post please pardon me if you find any mistakes)

I am saying from Bangladesh, only Allah Ta’ala can save India from this terrible consequence.

Pray as much as possible, Allah is trustworthy.

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