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Heard message tone but no message in Inbox

Hi, I am a new seller on Fiverr. Just now I heard the message tone (the beep sound), but when I checked the Inbox, there was no message. I also checked the order tab but there is nothing there as well.
I was very disappointed because I am eagerly waiting for my 2nd order and I thought there is some buyer but…

What should I do?

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Hi, May be it was a notification. Check it again.

They said they fixed it yesterday, I face same…but after few minutes I got all messages back in my inbox.
check yours now

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Check spam messages also.

I checked notification. There was no new notification and till now no message or notification

Where are Spam messages?

I checked it. Nothing Found

Thanks for your help

Then maybe it’s a Fiverr bug. Let’s wait, We hope it will be solved very soon.

I had to go to the app to find a message that was missing on the desktop version. If you have the app, see if the message is there and respond to it… with something. When I did this, the message appeared on the desktop version.

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OK I am going to try this