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Heartbroken for one of my clients

I did some content work for a graphic artist who specialized in layouts, wayyyy back in November. He found me off Fiverr (username search, I guess?) on gmail to ask if I still had copies of the work I’d done for him. Apparently, a client of his had ordered a party-club flyer…you know, the ones that are like “Such-and-such Bash at Club Overrated! DJ Has-Been Reality Show Actor!” with the date, site, email, phone info at the bottom for tickets.

Well, apparently, the customer had asked him to add that contact info in at the last minute and went through the chat to do so. He sent three lines, one after the other, and the auto-system flagged all three lines separately as the two of them attempting to share contact info. System read it as 3-strikes-you’re-out and shut down my client’s account. All he got for his troubles was an ESL-mangled “answer” from CS about how there was no repealing the decision because he violated TOS and he would have to wait 90 days to get the money in his account.

I’m really angry for him. I get why the automated system did what it did, but that’s just sheer laziness and incompetence on the part of the CS rep. It would have taken 30 seconds to figure out what happened by reading the chat (he shared screenshots), but I guess they can’t be bothered.


Unfortunately, the client has to deliver all information in the "requirements’ folder. In the chat room it will be flagged by the bot no matter what. :grimacing:


But the seller should still be able to ask for “contact info” that will get shown on the flyer he’s designing for the buyer without getting his account deactivated. Maybe he could have asked for it on the order page if it wasn’t set up as one of the gig requirements and maybe it would have been less likely to flag than in the inbox - if that was where it got flagged (though we don’t know whether the same thing could have happened if he asked the question on the order page).

But something as serious as that should have been checked by CS and not led to deactivation of the account since it wasn’t for offsite contact (seller/buyer), it was for the order.

Wow. This is scary and infuriating.


Ouch. If that’s true and the whole story, that’s very sad, scary, and also economically unwise because Fiverr would have to cancel the seller’s outstanding orders, lose their cut and maybe even lose those customers as they might be under time constraints and would think Fiverr gigs are too unreliable if their order simply gets cancelled out of the blue.

I really hope your client is in contact with them via normal email and can make them see how that makes no sense and pass it on to someone with the authority to override that rogue 3-strikes programming oversight and to tell the relevant people they need to do something there.

Wouldn’t that happen often to people who have gigs that need personal info? Half of the time, customers don’t even realize that there are 2 communication avenues or which is the “order communication thread” and which the “chat communication thread”.

Also … I’m not sure but in this case I’m hoping that I remember wrong and “Enter will start a new line” and not “Send Message” setting is the default when you start using Fiverr, because I’m not sure how many people notice that tiny drop-down arrow and resign themselves to sending separate one-liners all the time.


Wow! Really amazing why you have to face this

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3 separate messages in a row are unlikely.

A few years ago, while I was writing About Us pages more often than I do now, buyers used to give me the contact info of their businesses in the messages, and nothing ever happened because of it. There were never 3 messages in a row with it, though (plus I have no idea what would happen if someone gave me the contact info of their business now).

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I can imagine an address getting sent via 3 separate messages. If they hit the enter key after each line it will send it separately for each line.

edit: I see miiila made that point already. And also as she pointed out, many clients don’t know there are two ways of contact, the order page and the inbox and get them mixed up.


I don’t know how unlikely, I remember having had such conversations, I guess because they had it set so that <|Return> = “Send Message”.
But maybe unlikely enough that it hasn’t caused issues like that of thatwordchick’s customer before and/ or it has gone unnoticed that this could result in real problems for sellers if that 3-strike thing is automated.

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I still get those confused and am never sure if it will start a new line or send the message.

It seems like there is a lot of room for this sort of thing if no human eyes are involved to check before the ban. I’m sure they must do that usually but this time it must have been missed. How did the system even know for sure it was an address?
The first line at least wouldn’t sound like an address.
Something sounds off about this scenario.

They do have that TOS line about contact info only being allowed on the order page though. So if the seller forgot and asked for it in the inbox then it technically at least would have been a violation. I also wonder why it couldn’t have been done with a revision to the order?

Yes, that’s what I meant.

I think that a lot more is automated now compared to how it used to be. In my case, I guess that the first few times I got contact info in the inbox someone checked it (I can’t remember for sure, but I think that, at the beginning, there was a delay in messages, possibly until a human checked them), saw that it was needed for the work, and perhaps put me on a white list or something.


So if a seller is doing anything that requires contact information including flyers it should be part of the order requirements section and won’t start without that.

And it would be good to at that point warn buyers that no contact information will be accepted or responded to if not included. I can’t see how a buyer could order a flyer without that.

Someone else recently mentioned getting banned who made websites for this reason. They had to ask for contact information for the about me page. This sounds like a potential problem area if sellers aren’t extra careful.

It would be a bit difficult, considering that buyers can just write “I’ll send you the info later” and start the order. And what if the buyer forgets to add contact info, and adds it later, via the inbox? Why banning a seller who didn’t ask for contact info (or send it)?

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That’s why it sounds almost hard to believe, that even without any action or message at all the seller got banned.

I think that there is probably a growing problem with this is why they are so strict.


When I last (very recently) discussed contact info with support, they (2 different reps) were very strict on it needing to be in the order conversation - only, what can you do as the seller if the buyer puts the info in the chat messages before you can tell them that they may do that only on the order page, it’s not exactly intuitive, and so, it makes no sense at all to count that against sellers unless the seller from their side asked the buyer for that info in the chat conversation, I guess.

Still makes no sense for those 3 separate lines of contact info in a row from the same buyer within the same conversation counting as 3 cases/instances of ToS violation, of course.

(Even then, no real reason for draconic punishment if it’s a gig that passed the “contact info is a must” gig check, as the spirit of the law wouldn’t mind whether that info is shared on order page or in messages, but I guess the letters of the law count.)

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Especially since the order was already placed, so it’s not like they were going to take the business outside of Fiverr.


There might be future orders. The problem is that sellers who routinely do this are not fazed at all to have their accounts banned because they come right back with a new account and do it all over again. It’s a totally different mind set.
I don’t mean the OP’s friend.

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That could be said if the contact info was posted on the order page, too. What’s the difference, if the order is already placed?

I don’t know how it works or how fiverr thinks about this, it’s anyone’s guess. People seem to have the idea that what is said in the inbox isn’t monitored or seen by anyone I guess.

My clients customer was the one that put the contact info in. As I understand that, it was a last-minute request by the customer and they just kind of put the information in the chat, my client didn’t ask for it at all. I mean, if you take a broader view of this, if somebody wants to shut down someone else’s account apparently all they have to do is order something from them and post in the order chat room “here is my contact info so you can get in touch off of fiverr” and effectively poison their account and get it deleted!

20% is not a small amount. I feel like more and more platforms are taking these fairly large commissions and trying to completely automate / low bid any value that they offer to the service providers. when someone is paying that kind of commission, in my opinion this sort of thing shouldn’t be happening.

it’s not my account, and it really doesn’t have a whole lot to do with me, I’m just sad for my client. They’re hard-working and their work is solid, they didn’t deserve this.

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