Heeelp me!


hey i heard that there is people who having some troubles with them accounts and a lot of people saying to them that they are probably using a lot of spams But my problem is how i can know that i am not spaming anyone ?? because i love to introduce my gigs to people here on the forum and i usualy send them my links so is that concider a spam ?? O.o


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Mmmm thank you Dear oldbittygrandma


Reply to @bestfrend12: if you are giving just your gig links not external links to all fiverr users then its fine. Because after sometime you will notice that you may not get option of contact to user directly if he is not a seller. so the limitations are automatically adjusted. :slight_smile: Sharing your gig link within fiverr is fine and useless at the same time if it is not relevant for that person so its better watch BUYER Requests and introduce your relevant gig only to them. hope it will help.


I consider it spam when someone randomly sends me a message that CLEARLY copy and paste or when someone repeatedly makes a new thread every few hours instead of bumping an old one in order to promote a gig. The dealbreaker for me is if I see someone posting their link on another person’s thread- if there is no relevance


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Yes it may block you to send direct messages but this will not create any trouble to the account, i mean if messaging is blocked then don’t do it, you can always send messages to “Buyer’s Request” plus to gig sellers.

So to avoid Blocking you should only message to “Buyer’s Request” on right hand side.