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Held hostage to the 5 star bandits!

I gave my gig to one fiverr member who blatantly said in his completed order message “leave me positive feedback and 5 stars for your files” (he didn’t even show me a sample), so I cancelled. I then tried this girl from Pakistan who ignored all my questions, got my order wrong over and over again, then finally sent me a screenshot of the work in the order acceptance message (which was almost perfect). I asked her for my source files, waited a day, nothing. Asked her again and nothing. So I left appropriate feedback, 3 stars in total. She got back to me within the hour blackmailing me like the first guy did, saying if I change my rating to 5 stars she will send me my source files… When I refused, she cancelled my order. The 5 star bandits are running this place!

At this point I nearly gave up, I accepted her cancellation and I emailed Fiverr support who said they were going to deal with it. Meanwhile I tried one last time with another fiverr member (also from Pakistan) and this guy was awesome, he answered my questions and didn’t even mention ratings, he has renewed my faith in Fiverr for now.

Meanwhile (again). I contact the girl and said I was going to continue using the logo she’d got half right for me, but have someone else finish it. I said I’d pay for her work and if she didn’t accept then that would be the end of it. She sent me an invoice several house later while I was at work, then because I didn’t reply promptly she sent a snotty “pay now” message. So I did, and left 1 star. She then proceeded to call me a “bad customer” in the reply, lol .

It’s people like this that make me distrust Fiverr so much. The guy that finally did what I wanted got a tip for his work and I honestly wish I could have paid him more. I’m not a bad person, but this place feels like it’s turning into cancer lately, all these 5 star bandits holding your work to ransom. I’ve had friends tell me similar stories.

Oh well. It did say Rant Pot :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, that’s just against TOS. Report every single one of them to Customer Support. Tell them that! They’ll start singing like canaries if you do (unless they’re even more dumb than usual).

Don’t be held hostage, report to customer support…these people will get banned for sure. Trust me, not all Fiverr sellers are like that. I have got 2200 reviews, most of them 5 stars, but I have never demanded or asked for a particular rating or review. I know one seller who did and she got demoted when the buyer reported to customer support. Sellers cannot blackmail buyers, just as buyers cannot blackmail sellers.

Exactly what the others have said, report them to customer service.
I am really glad that you got someone good in the end.
Unfortunately, people being dishonest/manipulative etc is a cancer of the whole internet, not just Fiverr. The great thing is that with Fiverr you can actually do something positive about it and report them. Fiverr cracks down heavily on users like this, I have seen people I reported lose badges or be banned within days of reporting them. The more people who report the bad guys, the better the site will be.

What they’re doing is called EXTORTION, like the others have stated, it’s against the TOS, so report them all :slight_smile:

Someone is doing this to me right now. He asked for a 5 star review before he can send me my files. I have given him one chance to come to his senses before I report him to Fiverr. I paid extra money for your VIP gig and you have the gall to hold all my files hostage until I give you a 5 star review.

Update: I have since reported the extortionist to customer service and cancelled the order as he sent horrible work. It looked like it was designed by a pre-schooler via a free design software online. I have been using Fiverr for years and this is the first time I’ve encountered such a horrible service. I will be paying closer attention to the location of the seller in future.

ummmmm I AGREE, WTH? i am receiving the same treatment. Happy to hear I am not the only one receiving less than professional service. Last I checked, i am the client no matter what amount my gig is for?