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Helllo all


Hi, my name is silver and i am new to fiverr but not new to article writing. i want to know you look up to from a seller so i can improve on serving you better. you can also order my gig as i promise to please you with whatever you want. your advice is always welcomed.


Hi silver. Welcome to Fiverr. The type of introduction you wrote here is typically to help attract buyers to your gig page, so it is really not a tip for buyers. The best thing to do for self-promotion on the forums is to put it into the “My Fiverr Gigs” section of the forums. Tips for sellers or buyers is more intended for direct advice about selling or buyer on Fiverr. You will see other people making the same mistake so feel free to also ask them to put their promos in the correct place. If someone knowingly or repeatedly posts self-promotion in the wrong place you can click the flag button and write “spam” for the moderators to take care of. Happy sales!


oh! fonthaunt, thanks for the correction. i would do the needful


Reply to @kylesilver:

You will “do the needful”. That sounds strangely poetic (although, I know it isn’t). :wink:




Reply to @jonbaas: I think kylesilver should set up a fan fiction gig.


What is a fan fiction gig?

i am good at writing articles. i will work on my grammar.



Reply to @kylesilver: A Google search will explain it better, but it’s essentially fans of a book, film, webcomic - just about anything that has fans - writing stories that are based on the ‘item’. Usually alternate versions of actual story lines or things they would like to happen.