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Helllow World! I'm new to fiverr and offer Game Coaching/Sessions and Ghostwriting

Hello and a :heart: to all of you :slightly_smiling_face: my name is Karl on fiverr its karlot i’m 21 years old and want to make my Hobby to my Job. I’m playing Video Games my half life and i’m not untalented, that is the Reason why i try to get known, just a little :smiley: what i offer is to teaching, whoever want’s to get a good FPS(First Person Shooter) or Battle Royale Player can almost 11 years of playing Shooter - Knowledge use for themself. I was ever a … aahm … ye i was addicted from the first moment when i played, all these years people said i ruin my life, out of my mother & my father :heart: they believe in me that i will go one days in Television as Comedian or get Professional Gamer, which i not really was able to believe, so more stunned i’m now that it really happened, the first Step in a Online Carrer and that’s with just what i love, playing FPS games, no matter which one believe me, from the free2play ones to the Big AAA Titles i played them all, got me a waste of time of 9000Hours the Calculator say, but he is wrong. I feel like the luckiest Man in the world because today is the grand Time of Freelancers in all Categories, also in Gaming. So i say Hello! Hello to you all which made this possible and its more then nice to meet you & be there self! :rainbow: stay well all and i wish everyone big luck & success with their business.


Welcome here, love your compliment.


Please take a look at my new gigs. i offer songwriting in german and english Rap & Love Songs + diverse Gaming Lessions for unbeatable Price! would be so happy to get my first Selling here, if somebody wants to be an angel atm i got no money, im no marketing hero … i just want to play with others with my skills help them + write some songs for people