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Hello? *2 seconds later* HELLO? *5 seconds later* ARE YOU THERE?!

-_-… yep.

How annoying is this?

I love how Willy Wonka just pretends to be deaf and ignores bratty children when they say things he doesn’t care to hear. In fact, I feel that way sometimes with people on Fiverr…

This is why I wish Fiverr didn’t implement that feature that tells people whether or not we’re online. I leave mine on because it encourages people to message me or order or whatever, but then it also encourages people to assume that this is Facebook and that if they message me, I’m going to respond right away. Or, more importantly/annoyingly, that they don’t need to include, in that initial message, any useful information. I absolutely hate responding to messages that just say “Hi?” or “Are you available?” Just tell me what you need from me and I’ll tell you whether or not I can do it. Saves everyone time. Yay.

It makes me want to scream my face off. I always, always, always ignore those people and then just say, “Sorry, too busy to help” 23 hours later.

i really loved Willy Wonka

You don’t care about having a poor response rate?

I totally agree with kjblynx. The current fiverr inbox is great and very professional compared to a full chat system like facebook. That may be good to chat with people but here on fiverr we are professional service providers and because of that it may be unprofessional to use a chat box system.

I just had those messages today on an order.

I am the Matrix, I am here but I have other ppl I have to converse with first, is usually my reply… :stuck_out_tongue:

Got that few days ago.


Next is Hello!

And next is in what program you are making presentations?

Like my gig title doesn’t say all lol

I had this happen to me two days ago, but the funny thing is I actually responded right away like I was some trained monkey and he never responded back :slight_smile:

How it went - not fully verbatim

Buyer: Hi!!!
Buyer: Hiiiiiiiii
Buyer: I ned work fazts cN YOUUZ HEP ME??? (HIS TYPOS NOT MINE :slight_smile: )
Buyer: ???

All within 4-6 minutes :slight_smile:

Me: Hi, I apologize for the delay. How can I help you?


Trained monkey or dolpin at your service

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