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Hello - About my gig


I don’t know what is going on. It was my only gig on which I didn’t had any negative feedbacks, I had over 55 positive ones and 100 % rating. No one had complained about anything and all of the sudden I saw the gig being “Denied”. I contacted support and there wasn’t an answer for three days after which they simply closed the ticket without giving me any answers. I sent another ticket and there isn’t any answer for three days. Please tell me what can be the problem or support please give me some answers


If the gig went to the “Denied” section, that’s a sign that (something in) your gig either directly violated the Fiverr’s ToS (ex: a link written in your gig’s description which might be used by your clients to contact you directly, outside of Fiverr) or indirectly violated the Fiverr’s ToS - which means (something in) your gig violated the ToS of a 3rd-party website. For an example, Fiverr deleted (it’s a never-ending process, though) the gigs related to the service Addmefast, it deleted some of the gigs related to SoundCloud, etc, etc.

Bottom line is: In order your service to be moved to the “Denied” section, someone has to report your gig first. And in order to try to find out whether a 3rd-party website or a competitor did the reporting, first share what your gig was about, perhaps someone will pop-up and confirm that he experienced the same thing on his gig which offered the same stuff as your gig did.


Reply to @elgerente:

I thought that the reason was that but my gig was active for more than a year without any changes done to it by me, I had not a single one unsatisfied buyer, over 55 positive ratings and zero negative ones. I had orders regularly and I am wondering why it had became “denied”.

I wonder even more because I contacted Fiverr support two times and didn’t got an answer.

My gig was Facebook likes related.


Reply to @wickedservice:

It’s nice that you mentioned what your gig offered and therefore it’s now clear to me what the problem is. I have one Romanian reseller on Fiverr who had his FB-likes gig active for a very, very long time and he had tons of positive reviews. That gig was always among the Top ones in the search results for a very long time both under the Recommended and High Rating filters. He also had (and still has) other gigs which were very professional, demanding and still active.

In this particular gig he both offered likes for websites and likes for Facebook pages. 30-40 days ago his proven and old gig became Denied and it was removed permanently. The reason for the removal was written to him - Violation of a 3rd-party website’s ToS - in this case, Facebook’s ToS.

Just few days ago I read an article (I didn’t see its publish date) in which it was written that Facebook itself (again and again…) started a massive action towards these likes for Facebook pages. As I’ve noticed very long time ago, Facebook takes special care for their Pages and that is why, for 14 months now, I offer only Facebook likes for websites/URLs.

And I believe it was that particular article in which I read that “offering likes for Facebook pages is against the Facebook’s ToS”. You can read something similar in this article from 1 year ago:“no-more”-fake-likes-and-fans

…and here’s the paragraph you need:

"Facebook has already taken some steps to prevent fraudulent Likes. This new crackdown is designed to find and remove Likes that were obtained by malware, hacked accounts, coercion of users, OR PURCHASED IN BULK by brands that wanted to quickly grow their network on the site, in violation of Facebook’s terms of service."

Long story short, it’s against the Facebook’s ToS to sell likes for Facebook pages and a violation of that ToS is automatically a violation of the Fiverr’s ToS. If Facebook decides to “clean” Fiverr from such gigs, all similar gigs would be gone in an instant. So, just as our Macedonian police works, Facebook too takes action (only) on a basis of a report from someone. In other words, someone reported your gig to Facebook.

And logically, since the Support Team is an extremely busy department, they may believe it’s a waste of time to provide explanations (i.e. to lose precious time) to someone who clearly and undoubtedly violated their ToS.

Don’t offer the same thing again, 3-4 denied services will produce a removal of your Level 2 status (you’ll have a “Zero” status) and all your gigs will be removed from the search results. Instead, try to offer the same thing in a new gig but without using the terms “facebook” or “likes” in your Title, Description and Picture. “3,000 FB social signals” could be a good idea.

Again, I’m sorry for your loss, тури му пепел and always try to find creative solutions for your problems :slight_smile:


Reply to @elgerente:

Thanks for your reply and for your time. Just one more thing, is it posssible for me to be allowed to change the description of the denied gig into a different service with the same feedbacks?

Фала брат!


Reply to @wickedservice:

If your gig is still there within the Denied section, just modify the details and make it active, perhaps they will have to approve it first. Just remove the “forbidden” words for the time being and I presume you won’t experience the same problem again. And in the days that follow, just try to find words which are almost synonyms to the “forbidden” ones.

And don’t forget to put the forbidden words in the tags section, otherwise potential clients won’t be able to find your modified gig when they’ll be searching for the thing which you actually offer :wink:


Fiverr is deleting the gigs related to AddMeFast website. I earned 300+ dollars within two months. But after that fiverr deleted my all gigs related to AddMeFast website. Now again I created the gigs related to AddMeFast Software etc, the gigs are active but they never shown in search results :frowning: .I contacted to fiverr ,they said due to the third-party complain from AddMeFast website,we are deleting the gigs related to AddMeFast website.