Hello, Add Requirements for You Gig


I’ve never thought about using this feature untill a few weeks ago. Doing so had made my life as a seller so much easier. Now I get clear instructions from every buyer, and the great thing is that the countdowen won’t start before the buyer filled all the requierments. No more buyers ordering a 24 hours gig and only send you the instructions after 12 hours!

I highly recommend this feature to any seller here on Fiverr.


@aleronk this makes your order intake process much better for both you and the customer. Easy to read and understand instructions that make the customers gig ordering process more understandable, simple and smoother! Just note that: SOME customers will still not read your instructions or the complete gig…and delay the start of the gog process as many have done…lol…so I’m glad it’s changed for you…it worked for me as well brother.