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Hello All! Happy To Be Here

Hey all!

So I stumbled upon this site when I was researching ways to make some income on the side… Okay I watching Youtube on how to become a quadmillionaire… sorry.

I am excited to get started here! I have so much spare time these days, and with my work rosters changing and my shifts getting reduced, I need to fill in the gaps. So Fiverr is my fill in, where I will be able to work with people and get paid on the days I am off work!

I do Asset Design, Writing and editing, and other little fancy things :wink:


Welcome jtom2k :rose:

Welcome. Not sure if you have created your first gig yet. Anyhow check out the for details on how to become a successful seller on Fiverr. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m new here too. I love writing.

I love reading and writing books. Dancing and singing also.

Good Luck for you
Feel free to ask anything here