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Hello all, How are you

i am fine and you all

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I have orders that make me work all day and they are 12$ total.

When you working you do not notice this but now that I started monitoring I see that on average I make 12$ for whole day 12 hours work. So that is like1$ per hour.

Problem is that usd has dropped drastically and buyers can’t visualize that.
They only see numbers 5 10 15 20…

I know it is better than zero and not having orders.

But to work all day for 12$ is not ideal.

I am just starting on Fiverr and I hope things pick up better in 2021.


I am always fine… :100:


Great to hear you are no longer worried about you gig ranking and you are always 100 and nothing is bothering you.


Me too
Happy new year 2021

I am fine what about you

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I am also fine
Happy new year 2021

I am always fine… :blush: :blush:

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very good alright keep it up nice