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Hello All! How Do You Become A Seller?

Hello dear friends at Fiverr!

I’d just like to know what is required before you can start selling on and receiving money from, Fiverr? Do they require documentation (i.e drivers licence, bank statements, photo or video confirmation, SSN, Tax return…? All this is assuming you’re from the US) Is there a KYC or similar needed to start accepting money? Or a threshold of some sort? If so, what are the requirements, and how long does it take to confirm? Also, is it possible to withdraw funds using direct to bank transfer, or maybe Payoneer? How long does it take to withdraw funds? Is there a daily or monthly limit to how much money you can earn and/or withdraw? Thank you


Too many questions to answer. Better do some research on youtube. Hope you’ll get all of your answers.

This might help:

Fiverr does not give you money. Fiverr is NOT any easy-money website. Any money you gain here, will be earned as you become a respected seller with a great reputation for high-quality work.

In order to offer your services here, you will need a marketable skill that buyers need.

If you wish to find answers to your many other questions, I encourage you to read through Fiverr’s help and support section. You will find the link at the bottom of any Fiverr site page.

No. New sellers will NOT get good answers on Youtube. The people posting help videos on Youtube do not appear to know how Fiverr works. The best place to learn how Fiverr works, is in Fiverr’s own help and support section.

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Actually I did learn the basics from youtube and I have to admit that youtube contents are not enough to get fiverr fully, I am working for three months and I believe there are lots of thing out of my reach yet. I refered him youtube contents just to begin the journey smoothly. Rest can be learned gradually reading others experience on fiverr and confronting different situations himself. And I do appreciate your concern.

Most videos on Youtube are sharing false advice. They do this in order to get views on their videos, but they don’t know how Fiverr works. Most of the time, they make Fiverr look easy, so that those watching their videos think Fiverr is easy-money. It isn’t. We know this to be true, because forum veterans like myself and others, have to deal with all the new sellers coming from those videos who, clearly, have the wrong impression about Fiverr, how it works, and how to become successful here.

Youtube is not the best place to learn how Fiverr works. The best place to learn about and understand Fiverr are the many articles, tips and advice in Fiverr’s own help and support section.


There seems to be a misunderstanding. I am not asking how to be successful as a Fiverr seller. I want to know the technical aspects of registering as a Fiverr seller, and HOW one would go about receiving money. I am asking on this forum because I would assume that everyone who is actually a seller on Fiverr has gone through this process, and would be able to share how it went over (what information does fiverr ask of you when signing up? Name, address are a give, but what about documentation to prove you’re a legal resident of whatever country you’re from? If that is required, how long does it usuaally take to confirm? What about payouts? Is there a minimum or maximum amount needed to be able to withdraw money from your fiverr account into your bank account? What channels are available for this? Paypal? Payoneer? Bank transfer? How long does it take etc) Those are the questions I’d like answered, and again, I believe that this community, which seems to mainly be comprised of Fiverr sellers is my best bet at getting clear answers, I’d say more so than the customer service staff because you guys are on the receiving end (:

Again, thank you for your posts, but I am not yet asking how to be “successful” on fiverr, just how to “register” and what that registration entails as far as getting paid.

You will find everything about getting ready to get paid on Fiverr in the link I shared above. :slight_smile:

Furthermore, this link can help you with setting up your gig: