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Hello All! I am back and kickin!

I have been on a form of vacation on this forum, so I just wanted to drop by and say hi!

Sales for me have actually slumped considerably here on Fiverr, but luckily I have been diversifying just like I recommended, so everything there is doing OK.

How has everyone else been? And what the hell is wrong with the Available Now button?


It hasn’t been feeling well lately. I think it has a cold.


********************** I haven’t found any viable options [for diversifying.] Maybe I just hate bidding and all the other alternatives are bid websites.

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Good to see you again!

Things are OK in the Fiverrland Tokyo branch at least, pretty busy but can’t complain.

I haven’t used the available now button so I don’t know what’s going on,
maybe someone just needs to sprinkle some Fiverr pixie dust on it…

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Well, you can easily diversify outside of your main area of expertise. It really just means any way in which you pick up extra money, so you don’t have to rely on one skill in one marketplace.

This can mean learning new skills, finding ways to make other sites work for you, or even getting side jobs.

Depending on where you live, etc, that can mean:

  • Uber/Lyft
  • Instacart
  • Doing occasional odd jobs on Craigslist
  • Pet sitting
  • Writing ebooks
  • Starting a business where you buy things cheap and then sell them for a higher price.
    Or a whole lot more. Heck, sell your plasma, you can get good money for a pint of blood to give to someone in need.

You probably shouldn’t limit yourself to just Fiverr, or even just your one main passion. It can really bite you in the butt in the long run.

Wish I could say the same. All my customers seem to be on vacation this month. Good thing I can make money elsewhere or I’d be screwed, lol

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Yup, same here…right now I’m a bit busy but I know that dry-up period will be coming at one point! :wink:

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It is always good to have a savings built up for the impending dry spell. It certainly has saved my life more than once.

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Those are interesting ideas, some I’ve already tried, others I’ll give a chance.

Uber/Lyft takes a 25% commission and they treat us very badly. They treat us like company drivers while in reality we’re using our own cars, paying for our own gas, and being forced to pick up passengers bleeding, passengers that smell real bad, etc. I hope someday Uber/Lyft are sued.

Craigslist? I don’t trust it, too many spammers. Have you found work through that site?

Pet sitting: My apartment doesn’t allow animals and I can’t imagine a stranger asking me to stay at their home.

Writing ebooks: Been there, done that, doesn’t make enough money. Every ebook can take a long time to write, even if you hire someone to write it for you, and many fail to sell.

Selling plasma: I always wanted to do that. I’ll give that a try.

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In terms of Uber/Lyft, I guess it works well for some and not for others. I use Uber occasionally, and know a few people who do it full time, and have yet to hear any trash talk about it.

I have gotten a few jobs from Craigslist. A few people who want me to do things like move furniture, or do some work for a small amount of money…

Writing ebooks is not that hard, imo. I write short erotic stories and get 20-50 a month from that. It isn’t a ton, but that is why it’s supplemental income, not main income. I write the books in my spare time, and have recently got into novel writing.

Other things I do for a small amount of money is adding ads on my website, and have even had a small reselling business that worked pretty good on Amazon. I have also dabbled in Mystery shopping, and selling handmade crafts on Etsy, The purpose is not getting a large sum of money, but a lot of small sums of money from various sources that adds up over time.

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I 100% agree, i AM rather gorgeous, aren’t I?

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Do you often try to woo married American women on company forums, or was I a rare event?


I was just kidding don’t be serious… :blush:

I am really sorry for that :blush:

Watch it, your comments could be flagged as inappropriate. This is not a dating site.


Good quote: “This is not a dating site.” Thread closed to new comments.