Hello all, I am new here


I joined fiverr on 15th of this month not sure if its counted as new here.
I do not have anyone around me to help or support me through this website tips n tricks so thought of approaching you guys.
Its already been 5-6 days since I joined and my impressions are 90 with zero orders. I checked if my gig appears on the search page and it doesnt (atleast not on first 5 pages) so tried checking myself as a buyer for “search users” and my username shows no result.
Am I missing out on something? Is this normal and happens with everyone initially?
Please help! and Thank you in advance.


Welcome to Fiverr @braipure. Just wait and watch. I will give some tips to get order


Thank you! I will be around.


I Am New On Fiverr.Today I Create My First Gig And Get Two Order , One Is Custom Order-


congrats and all the best :slight_smile:


Thank You .May God Bless You All



Hy Braipure

Tell you as much as I know
Sent Daily 10 Offer on buyer request.
and Please do not copy paste text gig description. and not copy any gig text. because you seeing fiverr system. and do waiting for buyer.


Thank you aadil, this is so much appreciated.