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Hello all I am new on Fiverr.How do I make my first sale?

I am Vishnu new on Fiverr.friends How do I make my first sale?


thanks brother.i ll share my gigs to social networks ASAP

Please do not trust so easily and check forum before jumping to conclusions.

Do not share on social media because that is spamming.

Staying online is not necessary to get orders.

You have a lot of tips here on forum (REAL ones).


Thank you mam.if you dont mind can you please get me some tips how do I make my first sale


thank you mam.let me check

Do Social Media Marketing in the right way; don’t spam.
Send Proposals to buyer request on regularly.
The most important thing is you have to develop your skill.

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@vishnuz1 if you are new fristly you can try send buyer request, after getting order maybe you can get regular order!

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thank you media marketing means share my gigs to fb groups right.

Oh, come on.
They don’t deserve anything less for questions like that.
Should we answer 100 questions correctly every day?

thank you brother.i ll check

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Welcome to the fiverr forum

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No, sharing your GIGs to FB will only get you spam.

I did what you do (similar cynic replies) and was banned from the forum. They seem to like you so you are safe :smiley:

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share your gig on twitter and facebook groups with proper captions. Don’t spam comments or group. do some research for gig seo as well.

Good luck

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I should probably go back into hiding for a few days. :smiley: