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Hello all I need help

I need help to sell my services correctly
I tried a lot but it seems to be deficient
thank you all

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Hi George,

To achieve success in a saturated area, I think maybe you should try to use more specialised keywords. For example, I see that you have ‚Äėindustrial‚Äô expertise‚Äďadding this as a keyword may help you (along with similar niche words) since I suspect that although your gigs are good, there are just so many people offering similar, that they are not being ranked highly enough to get noticed.

Not many people will use the word ‚Äėindustrial‚Äô in their gig descriptions so this could help you if the client is seeking this.

Be specific with your keywords and emphasise your seniority and niche specialisms!

Good luck‚Äďnice gigs!



Thank you very much for your interest