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Hello all, im new to fiverr

Hi all, im new to fiverr request you to check out my gig and please share your valuable comments.


Welcome to the Fiverr Forum!

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Welcome to our family and best wishes.

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Hi happy you are here sharing your gig

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Best of Luck…:slight_smile:

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Welcome to the Fiverr forums. @krishve

As requested:
(TCT) point 3: The tag ‘data entry jobs’ should be just ‘data entry’. The gig title also needs a space after the comma.
(DES) points 2, 3, and 4
(IMG) point 2, and maybe redo the line breaks for the text in your image
(PPD) points 1 and 2, and check on 7
(FAQ) point 5, and your first two FAQs are too similar
(PRF) point 4
(CPM) double-check point 7

Aside from the above, the long list in the description could be compacted. For example, “PDF to Excel or Word” and “JPEG to Excel or Word” could be “PDF or JPEG to Excel or Word”.

It would also be better to divide each into categories

Data Entry: Blah X, Bleh Y, Blue Z
Virtual Assistant: Task, task B, task Q
Web Research: This, that, the other thing
Other: Also, etc., And

You are welcomed here…