Hello all, is anything worng about my gig?


I joined fiverr 3 day and up 4 gig but same like nobody care about it. Anyone can check it and tell me what wrong with it? Is the quatity of my sample not good or i write smt wrong? Or that is simple with a newbie.

Thank you and your time for my topic.


Hello @cain269 I am level one seller I created a gig 2 days back but there are no impressions in gig statistics is it the same with you ?


I dont know ;_;. So it is normal? Maybe. I’m just a newbie that’s why i ask.


just check the gig statistics are how many impressions your gig is having?


it is normal in any freelance job to have periods of quiet just as you’ll have periods of increased activity.
Totally normal.


my impression is 50 but still got no order.


I understand. thank you. >:D<


Hi @cain269 !
I’ve checked your gig, It’s alright. One important thing is send the buyer requests daily from Selling<buyer requests, by doing this you have a chance to get order. And you have to be patient in start as patience is the key to success. Thanks. :slight_smile:
Abdul Mateen.


Thank you so much for your advice and your time to checked my gig. I’m so movinh about it >:D<


You are always welcome! :slight_smile:
Best of luck for future.


keep try and check my gig to get some help best of luck in future :blush:


I checked your gig, so cool when you can design a logo just for one day. Good luck for two of us ^o^/