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I am a level 1 seller here on fiverr. I gotten some order continuously last June-2015 but now I am not getting order properly, so in this situation what can I do to increase my order on fiverr?

If possible please cheek my profile mdtorab

Thanks all

Sheriff’s Note: Requests for personalized tips aren’t a great fit in the Tips for Sellers category. Your post has been moved.


All of the tips and advice you seek can be found here in the Fiver TIPS FOR SELLERS forum. Please take the time to read and explore how to be successful on your own. We cannot help you increase orders or be successful. You have the power to do that with dedicated work and research.

Please take responsibility for your own success.



mdtorab said: but now I am not getting order properly

I’m afraid properly is not the correct word here.
We all have dry-up periods, and for people who experience it the first time, it
usually leads to panic. This is understandable, if you were constantly getting orders up until a certain point and then the orders suddenly stop, I’m sure many people will be worried. You need to understand that there are hundreds of logo gigs out there, so the competition is fierce. You will need to keep promoting your gigs so you can get the buyers’ attention.
There are many people here at Fiverr where they are constantly getting enough orders to a point where they are making a living out of this, but it would be best to keep in mind that just like any other freelancers, orders comes and goes. You just need to learn how to balance out the order dry-ups and the floods. :slight_smile:


It’s August, it’s holiday/vacation time.


I think the issue with a lot of those who write in a panic in the forums about their Gig not selling is they make a Gig, park it and then think by some magic, Fiverr is going to drive traffic to their Gig and supply them orders. It just doesn’t work that way: especially if you are in a saturated category with not only many other sellers, but some who have been on the site longer or have higher status than you. This is where what Jon said comes into play: you and only you are responsible for your success here. What are YOU doing to promote your Gig outside of Fiverr? If you are expecting that Fiverr traffic is the only source of clients, you will be disappointed. You may have gotten the amount of orders you did originally because you were new and perhaps were given a bit more exposure as a new seller. That time is over now, and it is up to you to either sink or swim. It always boggles my mind to come to the forums and the myriad of threads asking the same question day after day: “how do I get orders…”



now these are more favourable answer I’m not sure why the first responder is so callus about it. yes yes we all know we are responsible but there is no reason to be so dry with every seller you answer smh.

@emmaki Yes that could be one of the contributing factors.

@zeus777 Thank you for that good explanation. It sums it up basically


There’s no callousness in the reply. Freelancing is feast or famine. And the time of year IS a contributory factor–just ask anyone making bread off Kindle. There’s a roundabout of questions every week, and the answers are all there for anyone who is prepared to do a little research.

Besides, a freelancer should always have multiple sources of income. It’s just common sense in a volatile market that shrinks and expands at the drop of a hat–particularly when the market if mainly geared towards $$$ for the market provider. Man, we’re the mugs. I’m just waiting for the new gap in the market to be filled (it won’t) by the Fragglesrock-Fragglesrock merger. I mean fragglesrock. Stick a new skin on it and piss clients of 10 years off at the same time–but rake in the % profits too.

Disgraceful, really. No wonder people look down on freelance workers. Fiverr… pfui. There’s no favorable answer, since we’re all wading through a lot of crap to get to where we’re at. It could be a lot better, but… show me the alliance. You can’t, because it doesn’t exist.


(that’s not a personal attack! I just get a bit waffly on points…)


No one increase your sales. you can only do you self. i just suggest please go in “Tips for sellers” category and read articles very useful articles available for boost sales


When did you become a Level 1 seller?


Hello Dear,
You do not need get tips from any one, believe in your self, have strong commitment and work with dedication and be passionate to work not to earn, you will get your orders. :-*


To the OP: Yes, I feel for ya. I’ve had those dry spells too. I recently found out about a course on udemy geared towards Fiverr success taught by a Top Rated seller. I am signing up for it while a deal is going on right now. Hope things improve for you soon.


Reply to @emmaki: wow about that merger bit. lol @ we’re the mugs but I must agree, so true about the profits


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Reply to @mdtorab: I was asking about that because one thing that we have seen around here is that when people finally get moved up to Level 1, they start getting less orders. Part of that reasons is that before when you were a new seller you were listed under new seller in the search results, but then once you get to Level 1 you are now part of searches with many more people. So sometimes it helps to redo your gigs, polish them up a little bit, make a new video, do things to make yourself stand out from all the other Level 1 sellers which is very different than standing out between all the New sellers.


Reply to @emjayye: The “fragglesrocked” merger is actually very interesting. The more “upmarket” side is being swallowed up by its partner. I remember when they initially got together and sent all freelancers an email that basically said “this doesn’t mean anything will change and we certainly won’t be merging websites and we care about your opinion”.

A few months later, they did everything they said they wouldn’t and there was a lot of moaning on the forum with some poor mod who had to toe the party line while getting it in the neck! I don’t mind, it’s only business after all and any sane business does what it can to increase profits, but you do have to wonder sometimes. I see a massive gap in the market about to open up myself. I just lack the skills or inclination to do much about it. You see the same complaint on Fiverr re: company policies and crappy new additions that are superfluous at best, but they all make sense when looking at the bottom line.

Believe me, someone will make a good freelance website one day and when it’s done right, it’ll slaughter the competition. That rightness does involve a lot of consideration and skipping on obviously profitable, yet poor decisions. I’m excited to see where it goes.


Reply to @sincere18: Thank you very much for your very good advice. But I don’t know how to make a perfect video? or which software will I use to make the video?


Reply to @salmanshaheen: yes thanks


Reply to @gwenhwyfar37: will you please give me the link of site which can help me?


Reply to @mdtorab:
Sharing outside links on the Fiverr forums is against the rules of Fiverr.