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Hello All of you, I am a new seller Buyers not selected what are the reason suggested my first order

Hello Everyone.
I am Mrityunjay Singh
I am new seller in Fiverr?
I am professional Data Entry in word Excel and translator in English to Hindi but the buyers not selected me My account is old of a day .Any one Can suggested What are the Reasons.
Thanks Regarding Fiverr team…

Fiverr Experience is so good but buyers not selected me What are the reason…

You do realize that the category you chose to post Gigs in has literally thousands of people in it already? That it is over saturated and new people come here everyday signing up in data entry and word excel as well as translating. You have a LOT of competition.

Also, you are complaining after only ONE day? Some new sellers here literally wait for MONTHS before they get that first order.

If you have access to Buyer’s Requests, take advantage of that for now to try and get someone to hire you.



You have a gig in programming & tech and in the description you say “, logo designing.”. If you’re good at logo designing you should probably create a separate gig for that since it will be easier to find that way and would be in the best category for it I think (since it doesn’t relate to the gig title).


Thanks for suggest.In future your word remembering…

Thank you for the suggestion.I always Remember that your words…