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Hello and thank you!

Hello everyone :slight_smile: :wave:

Just a quick note to say hi - beginning to post here occasionally so it seems rude not to introduce myself!

I’m Fin, live in the UK, WordPress expert, video tinkerer and lover of cats. And Robin Hood - mustn’t forget him!

Wanted, too, to say “thanks” to the many dedicated Fiverr people who take the trouble give great tips. You’ve helped me a lot to get to Level 1 (Hell, apparently!) quickly. Aiming now for Level 2 - it may take a while.

Anyway - hello, thanks … and now carrying on …



Hi, congratulations for having level 1 and wish you to have level 2 soon:)

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Hi Fin

Welcome to Fiverr and congrats on Level 1. Keep up the hard work and you’ll have Level 2 before you know it.


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