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Hello! BRAND NEW FIVERR seller

Hello! My name is Todd and I’m brand new to this platform.

Is there any possible way some of you could look at my page/profile/whatever, and see if I’m even in the ballpark with my info?

Thank you so much!


Hello and welcome, Todd!

Your profile looks fine to me, but I can´t see a gig, you haven´t put one up yet?
If yes, maybe check if you went through all the steps and it´s not stuck in ‘Drafts’ but published. :slight_smile:
If no, here´s the how-to:



Welcome to Fiverr platform. I have seen your website, you didn’t create gig’s yet. So at first create 7 gigs and start your sale :slight_smile:

Yap, you should start to create Gig, then Published and Buyer will knockin on your gig door :smile:

Welcome :tada:

Welcome to Fiverr. Create some gigs to get started with this amazing opportunity. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Im pretty confused and cant even delete the acvount and start
over. Frustrating!


Welcome to Fiverr, I’m new here as well, let’s have a nice time staying here, shall we :grin:

Don´t give up, it´s a steep learning curve at the start, but you´ll soon get the hang of it! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!