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Hello buyers, today's tips is only for you

There is a difference between “cheap price” and “reasonable price”.
Always go for a reasonable price when you are getting work done from a new seller.
Because " Reasonable price = Best services = Happy Both seller and Buyer "

The bad news is you’re making a hell of an insinuation based on nothing.

The good news is, there are plenty of buyers who would agree with you. So in that sense, this post will reach its intended audience, I guess.


I have no idea why she jumps down to conclusion where top seller is half-assing their works. This is very insulting to the top-seller (especially me) where we’re also worked really hard to get to where we are right now.

I would request you, please to try to understand the motive I am talking about, if we want we can go long by discussing with this topic, try to understand the moral, I never said top seller is half-assing their works. I tried to say that one order is valuable for the new seller, and there is no way to lose themselves with plenty of orders. so they become more focused. where because of the plenty of orders, only one order won’t be in the priority list for the top-seller, so the priority would be divided with all of the orders. that doesn’t mean you are assing half of work. inadvisedly if I hurt you then sorry. but it feels bad that you are claiming that I am promoting new-sellers. please check my profile, I might be a new seller for 42 days but I have a few works in the queue. and so because I have shared my experiences. and once you were a new seller. I repeat I am not judging any seller, I have just put a few perspectives of the new seller that why their services are cheap and good and nothing else. @radennorfiqri

You said

Every TRS who does their best for every order would find what you said insulting.

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I am sorry that you are not trying to get me. I didn’t mean what you are thinking and I have tried to make you people understand. Again I am saying if my words hurt you or make you insult then please don’t be. cause I really didn’t judge like the way you have though. now it’s up to you how you will judge my writing. sadly, I have nothing to say anymore.

This month i’m going to Level Two in fiverr.
Yeah, 10 months after create this account.

I don’t care if you are new seller or not,
But let me say this one… please give buyer the quality content.
Its okay even if you must wait very long way to achieve Level One or Level Two,
just give your best because life is hard…
Top Seller too, pandemic and everything make everyone life hard, give your best!


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This post is full of bias.

You aren’t saying these things because it is the “best” you’re saying it because you want new sellers to get orders (ie yourself). Do you not see that buyers who see this thread will see that bias and not appreciate that you haven’t disclosed/addressed it? It also looks desperate by the way.

And buyers know that they need to search keywords. You really don’t need to tell them.

None of what you describe means people should buy from new sellers. You’re asking for buyers to do a favour to buy from new sellers but masquerading that favour as a benefit. It isn’t and any buyer who sees this will see right through that.


soniafrin50 Thanks for information