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Hello can someone kind please check if any problem exists with my gig

Here is the gig’s URL

“Glass of coffee” is an…interesting turn of phrase. Is there anyone out there who actually drinks coffee from a glass?

You also have a few typos.

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Hello friend. People don’t really take coffee in my country. Can you Please correct me.

Usually people say “cup of coffee.”

I also don’t really get what that part has to do with the rest of your gig description, but eh.

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Like …

Please let us improve this gig together. Thanks friend.

You’re a writer, give your gig a proofread. I’m sure you’ll find it! :wink:


Smiles, that is my weak point. I rarely find it easy to pick out my own errors. I’m more than pretty good in discovering others own​:grin::grin:
:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Help me friend…
:shopping::shopping::shopping::shopping: I bought you all these.

I’ve never had anyone buy me emojis before, so I guess that’s a first.

As a writer, you really should get better at proofreading your own work, though. A lot of buyers can get nitpicky if you have typos in your finished product.

“These includes” is incorrect. It should be either “These include” or “this includes”.

Also, some of the turns of phrases come off a bit stiff. “Fixing your gaze on the right gig” sounds odd, etc.

I'm the first person ever to buy you emojis🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 what a record.

Thanks So Much, You are such a friendly, kind & wonderful angel. I’ve made the necessary adjustments. I still don’t understand how a sentence can be stiff. Perhaps, I have to research on that and adjust thereafter. Honestly. I’m better in creativity than in language. So majority of my experience in writing hinges majorly on creative writing - poetry and fiction. But only article writing have been giving me a little cash.