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Hello Can you tell me how to become the TOP Seller in fiverr


i have done more than 52 orders in 2 days

please tell me how to become the top seller in fiverr please!!


What is your rating? Is it 100%?


yes its 100% sir :frowning:

tell me what to do


its been just 2 days since i have joined fiverr i want to become the top seller or atleast i want to join in the 2nd level

tell me how to do it please


Reply to @madmoo: can you help me with it please

i’m just new into this ! but i have a lot of buyers :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: can you give me the link of the tos and other things

i will read it first before posting any gig :slight_smile:

and thank for your your lovely help

and can you please tell me when will i get the level 2 badge ?

its been 2 days so


You need to get to level one before you get to level two and top rated. It will take a bit longer then the 4 days you have been her so be patient. IF after a month you haven’t leveled ask customer support about it.


In answer to the topic: No.

And anyone who says they can tell you is probably wrong.

TRS is an HONORARY title not an earned title.

arnevb said: when you buy your own gigs with different accounts you won't 'level up'.

I'm curious why you make this assertion. I've never seen anything to suggest it.

The much more simple answer is, and it states clearly, that to be level one you must be a fiverr member for at least one month.

What will be interested is to see if he jumps to level 2 in about 28 more days when he'll have been here for 31ish days.


patience and hard work. Im talkin to you as a 1 livel seller, so… patience and hard work :slight_smile:

good luck to you

arnevb said: We're a community, and within the community you need to deserve your level.

Didn't take anything you said as an insult.

And I accept this is an opinion. I just wondered what had informed it, if anything.

I've never been "asked" to "vote" on a person's level and to the best of my knowledge levels 1 and 2 are automatic barring tos violations.

I'm not disagreeing with you that this appears to be "bought status" ..I'm only saying that I have no awareness that such status cannot be purchased.


In fact, ARNEVB, to make it clear, I liked your post :slight_smile: No worries.


One big thing you can do is not use copyrighted pictures for your gig photos :slight_smile: And follow the advise that everyone here has given.