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Hello, Check my gig What I did mistake , that's cause didn't be ranking

hello, Check my gig What I did mistake , that’s cause not be ranking.


There’s nothing that looks too wrong in your gig, but you made 1 major mistake!

Never offer unlimited revisions!
When you offer unlimited revisions, the buyers can contact you years later and ask for revisions. They can continue to bother you!!


Further to what @krheate said…

I would also seriously reconsider your delivery time of “in a few hours.”

As a Buyer, I would look at the samples you show in the Gig thinking that I’m going to get a quality product but when I read that it will take you only a few hours to complete my job I’m going to question the quality.

If I were you (just my opinion) I would change your delivery time to THREE DAYS and charge EXTRA for a ONE DAY delivery.

That way you don’t find yourself overloaded and if someone wants their product quicker, they have to pay more.


thank you, I will change it… :heart_eyes:

thank you @looseink for your suggessions