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Hello! Check out my gigs!

I am a new seller and would appreciate if you checked out the services I provide(gigs)! :blush:

  1. photoshop jobs :
  2. translating documents : (link cannot be inserted
  3. smoothie recipes : (link cannot be inserted)

I have the work done in under 2 hours! & I put the price as cheap as possible!


But what if you’re sleeping? :slight_smile: and someone needs his/her work to be done in 2 hours? I think 24 hours delivery is more than enough. If someone’s in a rush, they’ll message you before placing an order


Yeah 2 hour job meaning after I respond to their request hahah
So this is why in the service description there is 1 day delivery…basically that I will work in less than two hours and send it to them!