Hello dear fiverr people


Hello dear peeps :slight_smile:
I am happy that I can be able to be at your service.I am a new user and I just started adding my gigs but wanted to say hello to you all. My name is Minja S, designer and artist interested in photography, fashion, astrology, arts and crafts, self help studies, psychology, antique with over 25 years of experience. But most of all very proud on my humanitarian work. Love you all!


That won’t include me after you start visiting the forum regularly…
Welcome to the club :ghost:


Thanks for welcome :wink:


keep it up
best of luck :slight_smile:


WOWWW A happy new face :heart_eyes:


Thank you ghulamkibria326


not mention :slight_smile:


Thanks saad_nagi. Thanks again


Good to have here… you have to be committed to this journey you have started today. A lot you can learn from this community. Read as many threads as you can.



Thank you flomaestro


Welcome, Minja! May you find joy and fulfillment here!



Welcome to the forum. You will find the forum informative and at times entertaining. Enjoy! :slight_smile:


Thank you Lisa, I feel welcomed


Thank you lloydsolutions. I already did :slight_smile: