Hello Dear, he is "New Seller"


Just saw this on Buyer Requests, couldn’t resist sharing it. The dude sounds extremely calm, confident and while most of these ridiculous offers by sellers instead of the other way round on Buyer Requests make me angry, this one made me laugh and my gut feeling says this guy is an extreme-fun guy to have a nice chat with while sipping coffee.

He is the kind of guy that nobody envies in the classroom even when he scores the highest.

Hello Dear





hehe, that one made me smile today too :stuck_out_tongue:



Oh dear… Just hate the word dear.


I’m actually all for exploiting the hell out of someone who is so eager to work and consider me their God for $5. The thing is, as soon as they say ‘dear,’ all their potential melts down to the fact that really, this would be like putting my Grandma in charge of CERN for the weekend. - It’d just get messy,


I laughed my ___ off so hard I fell from my chair.