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Hello dear potential customer!

Hello everyone who’s reading!

My name is Victoria, I’m from Bulgaria, Sofia.
I’m a digital artist. My work focuses around the 2D medium in visual development and design, including character design, animation, illustration, storyboard, layout, video and photo editing.
My style is altering, here are my gigs for you to see what I mean:

I use Adobe Creative Suite, mainly Photoshop, lllustrator and Premiere Pro.
If you’re interested in a collaboration, feel free to contact me here or booking me.

Thanks and stay safe,
Victoria D

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Hey Victoria, welcome to the forum.

The majority of users here are sellers So you may want to revise your introductory post as there’s no point in advertising here. :slight_smile:

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Oh I apologize, it took me a while to direct myself… :zipper_mouth_face:
So is there are a paid option for promoting yourself?


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There is no way to pay for a promotion on fiverr or the forum.

If you wish to post a oink to your gig you need to change the category of your post to that of “my gig”.

Other than that you did nothing wrong other than wasting time coming up with your ad and then posting it on a place where no buyers will see it. :slight_smile:

Take care.

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I see, alright thank you!