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Hello everone I am new seller on fiverr


Hi My name is Abbas Ahmad. I am new on fiverr. Please give me suggestion how can I become a top rated seller. And how can I improve my performance. Thanks…


You cant be TRS.
Fiverr will decide if you will eligible or not


So, you’re an aspiring TRS

Learn more here :anchor:


Crawl-Walk-Run-Fly…get to close to the sun, crash and burn, repeat as many times as needed.


Simply judging from what you typed above and reading your description etc, I don’t think you should be offering proofreading gigs…


Work hard and develop masochistic tendencies. Don’t expect it to happen over night, because it might not happen at all.

Market yourself, deliver quality gigs on time, communicate clearly, and repeat a few hundred times until it happens :).