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Hello every body I am a software engineer but new in here

any body visit my gig and give me feedback to improve my gig thank you

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Hi, another software engineer here, I do see some issues with your gig that may be why it’s had no orders even after two and a half years.

  • You’re using a screenshot of the default window for Visual Studio 2015 for your main gig image. Apart from not being very useful, VS 2015 is six years old and superseded many times. I use VS 2019 unless there is a pressing need to use a previous version.
  • The other images are images of code or editor windows. Why not show images of completed work you have done rather than of a code window. The third image has “asdf” on a very ugly report parameter window.
  • There are spelling mistakes all over and product names aren’t correct. (eg “Crystal Report” vs “Crystal Reports”)
  • Don’t say “100% guaranteed” as someone can and will hold you to that and you won’t get paid or have a job cancelled.
  • “It has been five years experience in Microsoft dot net technologies” should be “I have five years experience with Microsoft .NET technologies”
  • Your price, while an accurate reflection of the cost of most development jobs, doesn’t clearly quantify what a customer will get for that.

The rest of your information in your gig is good - you are clear about what you do and what you need, but the other aspects are possibly putting people off.