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Hello every body i have little issue please help me out


i am using fiver since from 2015 but i was not too serious in fiverr that it will help me… but i am too helplessness and i have no source of income so i join it again and using from 3 months and every time i am online and every day i am sending request to buyers but i just get only two clients and further no one are coming to my gig… so please help me out . i am software engineer i complete my degree but here in my area there are no jobs and i am working at car machines workshop … i have a lot of skills like programming graphics etc but i don’t know how can i implement it … so please kindly guide me and i am sharing my portfolio here see it and give me feedback of my work … please guide me that how i will get more client … my family are an very trouble situation we have no income of source so need your suggestion …
here you can see my work and please need feedback …
[1] (made this website for my client)
[2] (here is my all graphics work)
[3] (my fiverr profile)

please kindly guide me i ll be very grateful to you…
Babar kamal


learn marketing and seo and apply these


seo for what??? for my fiverr profile


yeah , funny but know something that increase your gig position . it should be on the first on fiverr search


and also title and description is also very important


thanks brother for help … please if you have little time check my work and give me feedback that its correct or not…


you can post your gig at your social network and that will help you to receive orders. Also read fiverr community and blog, podcast and Learn!!


I have checked yours please check mine


Hi, Babar. Firstly, you should improve the English. Bad English does put a lot of people off.
In your profile you should introduce yourself: ‘Hi, I’m Babar, …’ Also make your profile more passionate. Tell the buyer why they should hire you and not someone else (don’t tell them you need the money, tell them you’re great at what you do)
I looked at one of your gig descriptions and I would also add more there about why they should hire you. I would remove the reference to refunds - you don’t want buyers thinking they can get free work, then a refund.

Make sure the logos on your gig are yours and try to offer something unique. There are a lot of people doing what you do and many do it badly so buyers tend towards sellers with higher reviews unfortunately. Do you have something else you could do to get reviews up? Something that’s less saturated with sellers?