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Hello every one i am new in fiverr but not show buyer request

hello every one i am architect and freelancer.i will complete 2 orders but buyers request only show in just 2 or 3 in a day kindly tell me this issue.
thank you

As we’ve explained a thousand times, when you’re at Level 0, you get access to few if any Buyer Requests.

Maybe look up your question before asking it.

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Hello zubairahmed7744, you need to create at least 5 gigs on various services to get buyer request. But fiverr has given the opportunity to open at least 7 gigs as a new seller.


thanks you its help to us

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Please stop spreading this silly myth.

Being online and active does not improve sales and it doesn’t impact how many Buyer Requests you get access to.


okk thank you for your valuable answer

You’re welcome. Please don’t give advice you can’t corroborate. It doesn’t help you or the person who posted the question. All it does is mislead people and clog the forum.